Horizonte 2020

Horizonte 2020 - the Community's Framework Program for Research and Innovation is the EC's largest instrument specifically targeted at supporting research through co-financing of research, innovation and demonstration projects, with an overall budget of € 77 billion, for the period of 2014 to 2020.

SME instrument

The SME Facility is a financing scheme dedicated exclusively to SMEs with an overall budget of around € 2.3 billion. It presents financing opportunities for companies with a strong internationalization potential for high risk / potential ideas, based on the construction of a business plan and his implementation. This instrument is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Technological, technical and economic feasibility: Financed through a fixed amount of € 50,000, it allows to better develop the concept of the idea / business and some technological validation.

Phase 3: Innovation project: Implementation and technical validation of the idea, through Development and Demonstration projects, with a budget of 500,000 € up to 3 M € and a co-financing rate of 70% to 100%.

Phase 3: Commercialization- Without direct financing.

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