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Portugal 2020 is a partnership agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, in which Portugal will receive €25 billion between 2014 and 2020 to stimulate growth and the creation of Employment, the necessary interventions to achieve them, the achievements and expected results.

How we act

Globalseven has been providing full support and follow-up to its clients in order to create value for their organizations and to leverage national entrepreneurship by committing themselves to developing coherent, achievable projects that meet the objectives outlined.


Planning and framing of the investment project, elaboration and submission of the application


Response to requests for clarification and support to the company in hiring


Follow-up the execution of the project with the submission of payment requests


Follow-up the investment closure process and submission of the final payment request

Incentive System

Internationalization & Qualification

It aims to promote the competitiveness of SME by increasing productivity, flexibility and responsiveness by ensuring the active presence of SME in the global market.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

It promotes innovation in the business fabric through the production of new goods, services and processes that support its progression in the value chain.

Research and Technological Development

Lost funds for R&DT and technological demonstration projects, involving industrial research and/or experimental development activities.

Simplified Vouchers

Support for investments in entrepreneurship, research and technological development, internationalization and innovation, as an incentive.

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